CODEWARE – Independence when it comes to database publishing

Many companies with a medium to high demand for technology, sales and distribution literature are switching to their own in-house production. CODEWARE supports this development with specialised software that combines desktop publishing programs (DTP) with database applications for so-called database publishing (DBP). The following characteristics are the top priority when it comes to our XTensions and plug-ins:

This way we guarantee the use of our programs as in-house applications within your company meaning that you are not dependent upon additional, expensive services. This saves you time and money.

CODEWARE – Specialisation that serves the customer

CODEWARE is one of the very few system houses worldwide that can demonstrate complete experience in the development of database publishing programs. The products for Mac OS X and Windows as well as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are developed exclusively in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Our DBP programs do not only work with XML and CVS; they also work directly with the following databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL-Server, Oracle, Excel, Filemaker, DB/2, Sybase, Access, SQlite, Informix, Lotus Notes. 

This means that all customers with the above-stated IT infrastructure can utilise CODEWARE programs for their publishing needs.

CODEWARE – Pioneer in the digital pre-printing stage

tl_files/img/Unternehmen/since_1995.jpgCODEWARE recognised the need to connect desktop publishing programs with databases as far back as 1995 and focussed on the development of respective software. With foresight for the forthcoming developments, programs such as OPI_SwapperXT alias OPI_AustauschXT, PictureXTracker, OverflowXTerminator, XactuellXT, were created in the early years; programs that are still successfully utilised today.

As a result, we cover the full spectrum with the development of plug-ins and XTensions for Adobe InDesign, Adobe InDesign Server, QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Server running under Macintosh and Windows.

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