Single workstation solution for the DTP workplace of tomorrow!

The Xactuell Client solution is the easiest and fastest way to implement an appropriate dynamic database publishing project on the basis of Xactuell. All that is required to set up a workstation is to install Xactuell with the setup file ... 2 minutes, and you are off and running with your first project!

In contrast to solutions, in which the project is created centrally, the Client solution creates the projects right on the respective DTP workstation. Xactuell automatically creates a project file via the standard wizard provided to create projects, and stores it accordingly. This project file contains all project information such as data links, queries, rules, etc. ... everything a dynamic database publishing project needs.

As part of the Client solution, all 3 editions can be installed, depending on the requirements of the project. Already licensed editions can continue to be used with a corresponding extension for the team, workgroup or portal solution.

Detailed overview of functions

The editions basically differ in the scope of their functions. You can find a detailed description of the individual functions and the shipped package in the overview of the editions.