Support for diverse data sources

Xactuell Data Sources

The Xactuell universal license allows you to work independent of the platform. This is also how we proceed with supporting various possible data sources. Whatever is available at the customer’s or in the project or whatever is meant to be used, it can be easily integrated with Xactuell as a data source.

Data sources can be linked for relevant projects either via appropriate customizing (LUA) or via Xactuell’s standard wizard without programming knowledge. Furthermore, the two-way data communication is supported by the standard version and does not require special modifications.

Starting with Version 6, several different data sources can be linked simultaneously for a project, allowing the required data to be supplied centrally to the print project.

Overview of supported formats

Xactuell Version 4.1 5.0.x 6.x
(*) not recommended, please use JDBC      
MS Excel 95 - 2003 native    
CSV Comma-Separated Values
ODBC Windows platform
iODBC MAC OS X platform ✔(*)
MySQL 5.0 Client native  
SQLite 3.0 Client native  
JDBC MAC OS X platform  
Any number of data sources simultaneously    
Two-way data communication