DDP-process with Xactuell

Dynamic Database Publishing optimizes and automates the publishing process, generally saving time and costs. Information attains a new level of precision, quality, convenience, current relevance and consistency. Most companies are very much interested in supporting or enhancing the points described by introducing a dynamic database publishing solution.

Xactuell has developed the basic process shown above, which includes all components of a production process - regardless of the type of publication. The software solution itself therefore precisely serves the basic process described and conforms to the relevant circumstances, conditions or changes, thereby supporting the existing production processes, requirements and systems individually and in detail.

Xactuell is the Enterprise Dynamic Publishing Solution, if companies want to support and optimize their existing production processes with standard software. The software supports and integrates the existing sub-processes and combines them with new fully or semi-automatic sub-processes and brings them together centrally to achieve the desired result – in a lean, solution-oriented as well as individual and cost-effective manner.

Comprehensive process support

The Xactuell Dynamic Database Publishing (DDP) process shows the individual process steps as well as the entire print production process.

Starting with the graphics and data source, which are always the basis for database publishing, through the marriage of these by Xactuell up to the process circle, this allows all requirements and different sub-processes to be represented, such as:




A safe investment and secure future

The use of future-proof technologies and development languages makes ​​Xactuell one of the safest investments and most future-proof solutions in the European market today.

At the same time, the modular approach based on selected technologies offers a variety of application scenarios where Xactuell can be ideally used, and the corresponding requirements are optimally supported without resulting in corresponding technical difficulties. This advantage is also supported by the universal license, which can be run both on Windows and Mac OS X and with Quark and Adobe InDesign.

Integration into existing IT environments or into relevant portals can therefore be easily implemented based on the standard API.