The most important functions

Page Roboting
The automated construction of virtually any layout is one of the core competences of Xactuell. The layout which are generated with Xactuell can be revised and completed by manual layouting. The layouts are virtually error-free, since the usual copy & paste error can not occur.

The absolute strength of Xactuell is not only in the automatic generation of publications, but also in subsequently targeted upgrading publication areas! With Xactuell it ist possible to update individual information units  manually, during a batch or automatically in the workflow.

Change language
You can create and update all kinds of layouts in different languages.

Stehsatz Anbindung
Layout documents that are created manually can be retrofitted with updated areas, so only explicitly defined areas to be updated. The communication between the database and Xactuell takes place not only read but also write. So not only changed texts can be easily transferred, but also resulting information, such as the position or size of product data in the publication, be transferred to a wide variety of purposes in the database. This can, for example, contents, indexes and cross-references can be easily and automatically generated later.

Korrektur Management
With Xactuell previews can be easily created and NOT layout workstations are integrated into the correction workflow and the creation process. Xactuell offers the possibility to use a web-based correction workflow. This eliminates commenting within manually created PDF files. Errors are assigned with a comment to the relevant layout Leaders!

Editions and Solutions
The applications of Xactuell are as diverse as our customers. Therefore, there is Xactuell in editions. In addition, Xactuell - depending on the structure and connectivity of jobs - available as a single workstation solution or as a server-based solution, so that multiple people can work on one project at a time.

How easy is a stable and yet flexible integration of Xactuell in database systems, can probably be easiest to convey the basis of this statement-list:

  • Heiler HPM via XML, Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • e-pro medianto via MS SQL Server
  • Hybris via MySQL
  • jCatalog
  • Navision via MS SQL Server
  • OMN Meyle+Müller via SOAP
  • ...