Xactuell – Overview

Xactuell is the leading standard software when it comes to system-based as well as semi- or fully automatic production of print publications of any kind, irrespective of the industry: from creative agency and specialty mail-order company to technical trader or classic medium-sized manufacturer.

The universal license for InDesign and Quark, which is unique in the market, as well as the extensive functions and connectivity options for third party systems / databases included in the basic package make Xactuell one of the leading standard software solutions for dynamic database publishing in the European market.

Regardless of the existing platforms and content systems or databases, Xactuell can link both one as well as several of the existing systems and data sources in parallel to the print projects as a data provider. These central print projects in Xactuell then allow all kinds of printed publications to be centrally produced, edited, corrected, followed up and released in Xactuell based on the system and without any media disruptions, regardless of the degree of automation of document production or of the parallel or downstream production processes. Xactuell therefore provides a central platform for anything from publication planning and page generation to the last price update and finishing by the graphic designer.

In addition to industrial catalogues with 100% automation and designed sales documents that must be created individually and manually, Xactuell provides various options and modules which map out distributed correction processes, change management with tasks and workflows including notes or releases that are supported by the system. By separating function, presentation and process, Xactuell provides both a client plug-in for InDesign and Quark as well as a server plugin with advanced modules which can be used to display central print solutions for distributed production. Among other things, this makes it possible to form virtual work groups and integrate participants from various different locations into downstream processes without the need for a local installation or knowledge of DTP. 

Your benefits with Xactuell:

  • save time, efficieny and reduce bugs, specially in work on updates
  • directly access from your layout-software to all of your needed images, tables ...
  • your create your layouts still in your layout-program - you don't need programming new templates
  • nothing works on conversions to handling the external datas
  • no adverse effects on the familiar functions in your layout software