OverflowXTerminator does not develop further. Also the software does not adapt for QuarkXpress 10 or Adobe InDesign CC!

But you can still get itfor QuarkXPress 8 - order by fax, please!

The advantages at a click

In the preferences, it is possible to define the commands at which OverflowXTerminator will be activated and, if required, prompts a warning. 

OverflowXTerminator searches for text overflows as soon as a document is opened, displays them and shows convenient tools for their editing.

OverflowXTerminator displays a list of all text overflows within a document which are offered for editing. The frame can be vertically adjusted to the text at the click of a button.

Clicking "Show Overflow" jumps to the relevant position in the QuarkXPress document and displays the relevant text box.

This is how OverflowXTerminator is used in practice


Items are shown and described in a catalogue. The article number and price is usually found towards the end of the description. If there is a text overflow in the text frame, the price and article number fall out of the frame. When the text is exposed, the most important information concerning the articles is missing.

The solution with OverflowXTerminator:

OverflowXTerminator promptly displays the text overflow and misexposures do not occur.   

Problem: The Mustermann Company saves a document with OverflowXTerminator. The display shows that there is no text overflow. The company now forwards the document to an exposure company using OverflowXTerminator. This company uses a different typeface and the font is wider than that used by the Mustermann Company.  
The solution with OverflowXTerminator: OverflowXTerminator will provide an immediate warning if the text overflows in the document have changed since the document was last saved. As a result, the exposure company can respond and correct any text overflow.