Server based Solutions

A server-based solution from Xactuell is always recommended when working in groups, distributed production and correction, approval processes, integration of one or more data sources are added, different languages ​​and the integration of subsidiaries, partners, etc. over the Internet.

To meet the requirements of our customers 100%, we offer for Xactuell - according to workplace equipment of the project members - three different solution models:

Team Solution

The Xactuell Team solution offers small marketing/DTP units the opportunity to work together on central projects. This allows all team members to share the changes, modifications and work already done on centrally managed projects and documents.

Because the project is set up centrally, individual project members can create notes concerning the project and documents, which optimizes the collaboration between several DTP workstations by means of a simple and cost-effective functionality.

Access to and work on the projects is further guaranteed by the Xactuell desktop plug-in (Basic or Professional Edition). Another advantage of this team solution is that the project is set up centrally and that it must only be set up once. ODBC or source system connections are part of this, for example. On the workstations, it is therefore only the Xactuell PlugIn that needs to be maintained accordingly.

Workgroup Solution

The Xactuell Workgroup solution is the solution for you if you want to organize multiple distributed DTP jobs with real workflow management centrally for print production.

Unlike the Team solution, the Workgroup solution offers an Xactuell CORE application which optimally supports you with various modules and functions, from project set-up and implementation to coordination and approval.

The application manager (web interface) allows you to easily and intuitively create projects centrally, to design appropriate workflows and to assign and organize project members - DTP workstations with Xactuell Plugin - accordingly.

The Xactuell Workgroup solution also allows you to implement print projects centrally without any media disruption and along defined workflows. The project participants / DTP workstations still work in their familiar environment (Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Xactuell plugin) and have the added ability to create tasks and notes and to implement status changes.

Portal Solution

In addition to the functions of the Workgroup solution, the Xactuell Portal solution offers relevant modules with functional extensions that allow persons, who do not have a DTP job, to participate in the print production process – such as product managers, marketing managers, sales staff or buyers.

These non-DTP workplaces are set up as portal users via extensions such as Online View, Correct Online or Online Edit and so can carry out the necessary work such as releases, corrections or modifications to the projects and documents. A portal user who is assigned to a project and therefore also takes part in a workflow has the same access to the note, task and status functions as a DTP user.

If the publication manager module with page planning is optionally added to the Portal solution, non-DTP workstations have the full range of options for the independent design and production of print publications at their disposal - and this without DTP software and detailed knowledge of production.