This Xactuell support area will be switched off on June, 30th 2017!


Please note:

  • The Xactuell support area on this website will be switched off on June, 30th 2017.
  • New Xactuell versions are now available exclusively in the new support and maintenance area.
  • Invoices will only be sent via E-Mail.

Please register at the following form to get access to our new ticket system and support area and to name your current invoice recipient / contact person.



The following options are available in the new support area and with the new ticket system:

  • BugTracker - ticket system
  • Changelog of software releases
  • Download of software releases
  • Raodmap - When the realization is planned for individual tickets
  • Documentation of our software products
  • Samples to our software products

The following advantages result for you:

  • Add error-free tickets
  • Check the status of your tickets online at any time
  • Questions are made transparently via the ticket system

Changes in the ticket result in a small email notification.

Ticket data can be seen by default by all users of the ticket system, unless the ticket has been marked as private. Private tickets should only be used if other users are not allowed to view the ticket data.

Download material and updates for PictureXTracker and XactuellVisual will still be available in the support area on this page.

  • All around Xactuell: Updates, Bugfixes, Samples and many more.
  • Username: dongle number.
  • Password: dongle activation code.
  • Login credentials to Xactuell support section are delivered when purchasing Xactuell.
  • More information on Xactuell...



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  • Free XactuellVisual download.
  • A registration on our website is necessary in order to access the PictureXTracker and XactuellVisual section.


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