Product support – Personal and quick help

Sometimes questions or problems can arise, even with a CODEWARE program. For such cases, our product support team is at your disposal. You can contact our team by telephone during normal business hours.

You can also describe your problem via fax or e-mail. In doing so, it may be useful to enclose files or screen shots as additional information together with your support query.

Support contact information

Telephone: (Telephone number) 
Fax: (Fax number)
e-mail (Contact)

We require the following information in order to be able to quickly help you:

  • Platform used
  • Details concerning the used layout program with version
  • Version of the XTension/plug-in
  • Product number or keycode of the XTension/plug-in

You can find those details in your layout program by opening the About..." dialogue in the XTension/plug-in menu.

Product training – There is nothing more simple

For our customers and users, it is important to be able to productively work with the CODEWARE application programs as quickly as possible. Therefore the Xtensions and plug-ins are already designed for the utmost of intuitive operation. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive user manual available for each program. 

In addition to this, we offer product training courses for each program at our premises for a nominal charge. These take place on the following dates:

Internal link:(ScheduleProduct training courses)

Support customer area - Support & Bugfixes & Downloads


The following applies to the login at Support:

The number at the dongle is the username and the current activation code for the dongle serves as password.