UWS means: updates, maintenance, support

Xactuell Universal licence UWS

Regardless of whether you are using Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress on Windows or Mac - our universal license makes you 100% flexible. It can also be an older version – you can be sure that Xactuell will run on your system. Therefore, you should use the Xactuell universal licenses UWS offer for daily use.

The Xactuell Universal license UWS includes:

1. Updates

This is what you get with the update service:

  • updates resulting from the updates of system and application environment manufacturers
  • improvements by eliminating minor bugs that affect the way Xactuell works with the elements of its software environment
  • further developments through maintenance work
  • access to all previous Xactuell versions, in order to have the so edited projects always accessible.

2. Maintenance

Our on-going contact with our customers provides us with a lot of feedback that also includes suggestions for improvement and ideas. Provided it is of general interest to users, we are happy to adopt and incorporate these into Xactuell. This is how Xactuell undergoes constant developments which you can only use under the universal license.

3. Support

In the unlikely event that system- or program-related malfunctions affect your work with Xactuell, just give us a call. CODEWARE will immediately take care of eliminating the problem. Our support also includes detailed advice on individual expansion options for Xactuell which are developed to meet your exact requirements.