Xactuell – Data transfer into the layout via a simple mouse drag

Xactuell helps to significantly simplify and speed up work as well as prevent errors when catalogues, price lists, technical data sheets, product descriptions and many other types of publications have to be regularly updated. This is because Xactuell moves information from databases or exchange formats directly into your layout. As a plug-in for Adobe InDesign / Server or as an XTension for QuarkXPress / Server (all running under Macintosh and Windows), the program ensures that you can work with your layout software as usual and can integrate texts, pictures or tables for example from any data sources into your layout at all times.  

You can benefit from these advantages with Xactuell:

  • Excellent time saving, efficiency and error reduction, particularly when it comes to updating your publications  
  • Direct access from your established layout software environment to all content data such as pictures, texts and tables, etc. that are relevant to the publication 
  • No time consuming conversion work for editing the external data 
  • Absolutely no restrictions in the usual functions of your layout software

Supports all customary databases, PIM/CM systems and exchange formats: MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, Filemaker, XML, BMEcat, CSV, DB/2, Sybase, SQLite, Informix, Lotus Notes, ...