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Ready for progress 

Database publishing has been used in print for over 30 years. Although it offers considerable advantages in terms of time and quality, it is still not used as a fixed part of many companies’ integrated communication strategy. Today, everything is growing together. This is especially true in communication. Content in the marketing and media world is increasing rapidly – as is the challenge of simultaneously and promptly serving all communication channels such as websites, flyers, catalogues and many more that contribute to a successful customer journey.

Everything from one source 

A central product data source (e.g. a PIM) in the company is the basis for being able to serve all media channels in such a way that they are supplied centrally and automatically. Not only does this support all marketing activities, but it also adds enormous value – reducing time and costs while minimising errors. This lets a company react much faster to changing market situations.

Experts at the start 

For more than 26 years, we have focused our products and solutions entirely on database publishing. Due to our specialisation and many years of experience, we are experts in this field and know the latest developments. The application of our solutions is always linked to a data source in which the product data is managed and maintained. PIM systems (Product Information Management) or merchandise management systems are often used, and a database publishing process can be linked to them.

To the point of full automation

Our team of experts will help you to implement your specific requirements with our solutions. Depending on the layout and project requirements, it is possible to achieve 100% automation. 

Our scalable solutions offer all required functions such as: 

  1. Access to all product data and images
  2. Automatic language exchange
  3. Updating of any elements/groups
  4. Support of native InDesign functions and all layout types
  5. Scaling of the possible support depth from manually supported to fully automatic
  6. Workflow-based planning, controlling, correction and release of publications

Customised solutions for smooth database publishing 


The workplace solution
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The collaboration solution
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The generation machine
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Print touchpoints
in the customer journey

Digitisation is also bringing about a change in print and publishing. Publishing is now part of the digital process. Print must therefore also be thought of in digital terms and not be treated as a stand-alone medium. The integrated approach of sensibly linking suitable media channels to each other is the concept for successful corporate communication. Print touchpoints account for 20 per cent and are an important part of the customer journey, which shows that print has an important influence on the path to the customer’s purchase decision.

Enjoy the benefits

Digitisation creates new possibilities that increase the demands on print media: increasing language variants due to internationalisation, target-group-oriented sub-publications, personalised addressing and on-demand media production in the corporate design of the company. Meeting these requirements for automated print production can only be achieved through database publishing, combined with significant time, cost and quality benefits. 

Media for all print touchpoints can be created efficiently with our solutions. You can find some examples in the following. 


Print touchpoints



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