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Xactuell – Editions for InDesign

Shorten layout processes, create more time for creativity, minimise error rates, increase output and efficiency – all this is possible with Xactuell, our powerful standard software for Dynamic Database Publishing. Available in three different editions with different levels of performance and automation. Optimises manual, semi-automated or fully automated publishing processes with Adobe InDesign. 

In the Xactuell L/XL editions, a media designer works alone or with others in a team. In the latter case, designers within a project access the same data, templates and settings, which can be changed based on individual settings for rights. 

Xactuell L

Xactuell L extends Adobe InDesign by adding the tools needed for Dynamic Database Publishing. This edition provides an intuitive user interface that, after a one-day training course, enables a media designer to use the powerful features successfully and productively in practice. In addition, Xactuell L provides all the features needed for the backend. Xactuell L is suitable for all types of layouts. This edition is mainly used where high-quality publications are designed and no cross-page layout is required. 


Xactuell XL

Xactuell XL expands the Xactuell L edition to include the possibility of a rule-based, cross-page layout for publications and project-specific customising of workflows. The user interface and backend will be enhanced with the features necessary for this. The training requirements remain comparable to those of the Xactuell L edition. Like Xactuell L, Xactuell XL is suitable for all types of layouts. This edition is used wherever large parts of a publication can be laid out on the basis of rules and/or workflow automation is necessary. 


Xactuell XL Server

Xactuell XL Server is a high-performance publication renderer that utilises all available instances of an Adobe InDesign server. Therefore, if you have suitable hardware, the performance of this edition is much higher than a workplace with Adobe InDesign and Xactuell XL. Xactuell XL Server plays to its strengths within a cockpit installation and not only generates previews there, but also renders publications and carries out workflow tasks. Xactuell XL Server is suitable for all types of layouts. This edition is used wherever the performance of a workplace with Adobe InDesign and Xactuell XL is insufficient and/or complete automation with monitoring components is necessary. 

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